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Momenteel zoeken wij voor verschillende kantoren:

Working at AGO

Are you looking for a suitable dream job? Will you become our new colleague?
Do not hesitate and come and meet us.

AGO checklist

Are you someone who likes taking initiative?
Are you an Authentic, Gaining Optimistic?
Do you dream about a job where you can apply your communicative skills?
Do you have the feeling and touch to recruit and select applicants?
Do you dream about creating a perfect match between the skills of our applicants and the needs of our customers?
Do you want to have a crucial role at realizing our AGO mission: 'finding and creating a suitable job for every talent out there'?
You don't want just any job but a suitable job?
Then YOU are the talent we are looking for, we have your dream job!

Why AGO?

Aren't you looking for a suitable job?

Here at AGO you work for and with people. You work together with a team of Authentic Gaining Optimists, and together you achieve the best results. The AGO results are: Happy pepople with their suitable job with a satisfied customer.

AGO offers future perspectives: growing and prospering. Thanks to our focus on your talents as a person and our personal approach everyone gets the opportunity to develop and grow in their job and that way you can share your knowledge and experiences with your colleagues.

AGO offers interesting working conditions: AGO provides a wage accompanied with all sorts of other benefits, a bonus system, education programs, team evenings...

AGO is divers! “The more we let each voice sing out with its true tone, the richer will be the diversity of the chant in unison” Angelus Silesius once said. At AGO we strongly believe in the richness of diversity. Our mission: 'finding and creating a suitable job' counts for every applicant.


Doing an internship at AGO

Doing an internship is very important for graduating and for the future. Do you want to do your internship at one of our offices or in our headquarter and get a glimpse of the commercial, challenging and instructive HR-environment? Or do you have a project at school? Then we would love to talk with you and together we will find the internship that suits you.

Apply as an intern

Apply for an internship at AGO? Apply on one of the internships or send an email with your motivation and CV:


Maatschappelijk engagement

AGO Jobs & HR wil haar verantwoordelijkheid opnemen in de maatschappij. Dat doen we dag in dag uit door werkzoekenden aan een geschikte job te helpen. Maar we gaan graag nog een stap verder. Daarom engageert AGO Jobs & HR zich voor goede doelen: we sponsoren projecten die iets betekenen voor de ander. Zo maken we samen het verschil.

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