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AGO Jobs & HR


An attractive employer

The government is one of the most attractive employers on the labour market in Belgium. The public sector not only means job security in uncertain times, but the job satisfaction is also higher than average. Do you want to try it?

Working as a blue-collar worker

You don't mind getting your hands dirty? To maintain a park or clean a school for example. The public sector always has opportunities for enthusiastic people.

Variation for white-collar workers

Thinking of a civil servant job in a public service? The public sector is highly varied and has vacancies in the most diverse disciplines. There's always a suitable job for you.

In coorporation with public institutions

AGO keeps a close eye on all public tenders and calls for tenders from the public sector. We always look for the right candidate, whether it's for temporary contracts (interim) or fixed-term contracts (selection).

Do you really want to make a difference?

If you want to do valuable work that really contributes to society, you should find a job in the public sector.
With a public sector job, you can really make a difference.