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AGO Jobs & HR

meets hr

Online onboarding

Smooth start

You can’t make a first impression twice. We take great care of the start-up of your new colleagues or temporary employees: live and digitally. Perfectly informed, we enthusiastically launch new talent. Because we create job satisfaction even before you start.

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Powerful Pool Building

Pool management in a couple of clicks

Need to switch quickly at peak times?
That requires accurate entry processes and efficient selection tools.
In this way we can match the expectations of clients and candidates with each other in no time.

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AGO Masterclass

Sharing expertise in HR

Never a dull moment in HR. Our sector is constantly changing and we are moving with it. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience through our online learning platform. Be inspired by training courses, workshops, interviews and podcasts about the ins and outs of the sector.

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Insight into trends and data

KPI monitoring and reporting

You measure, you know. We like to bring results clearly and to the point.
We make objectives tangible using personalized dashboards.
Because our course? We sail it based on data and facts.

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Planning tool

Staff scheduling made easy

Making the staff puzzle is teamwork thanks to the easy-to-use tool where planning and communication reinforce each other. A real-time overview for consultants, hiring managers, recruiters, planners and temporary workers at the same time.

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