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AGO Jobs & HR

Creating and
great teams

Interim Solutions

for temporary talent

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Do you urgently need a replacement for your unexpectedly absent colleague? Bridging peak periods with a team of temporary colleagues? We are happy to take over the intake and planning from you so that the workload for your HR team remains feasible.

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Starters or highly experienced specialists: our candidate database contains a range of unique talent for all sectors. And we cherish that talent.

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Focused and driven, that's how we dive deep into the different sectors. Our colleagues know what they are talking about and seamlessly connect their sector expertise with the expectations of our clients and candidates.

Acute personnel needs? One phone call and we move mountains.

Recruitment & selection

of permanent colleagues

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Growing your business is not something you do alone. With a strong team of strong colleagues you boost your business. Attracting colleagues with the right competencies at the right time, that's AGO's commitment to you.

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Selecting is connecting. Listening and questioning to discover the DNA of our candidates and clients is the only way we connect people and companies that help each other grow.

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Permanent or on an interim basis? You decide in which form you let your AGO candidate start. Because strong talent, you like to hold on to that.

Hiring permanent employees?
Tells us who you want and let our extensive AGO-network do the work.


Payroll administration covered

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Today, agile entrepreneurship is no longer a choice. Flexibility in your staff policy gives you the oxygen you need to respond quickly in challenging times. With flexible contract types, you can switch up and down quickly.

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We take over your payroll administrations so that you can concentrate on what really matters: your business. We take care of employment contract, remuneration and administration in a timely and correct manner. An important basis for a smooth cooperation.

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Customised advice

Our colleagues are all experts in their fields. No environment changes that quickly, which is why we constantly brush up on our knowledge. That is how we stay sharp. Need HR advice? One address.

Candidate selected?

HR services

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Mapping the potential of your candidates and permanent colleagues? For this we bundle a validated test database, behavioral exercises and criterion-oriented interviews.

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Say goodbye to colleagues? Our outplacement services are all tailor-made with an eye for new perspectives and well-being.

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Need reinforcement or replacement within the HR team? Temporarily deploy an AGO expert who quickly and independently takes over HR tasks.

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