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AGO Jobs & HR

Mission statement

AGO Group is an HR services company.
With its dedicated team of authentic and optimistic people it stays close to the customer and focuses on valuable & sustaining relationships.

AGO employee AGO employee

motivated optimists

Being able to be yourself, for one hundred percent. AGO consultants each have their own approach and a unique mix or strengths. But they have one thing in common: the indomitable drive to go for it. With a smile. Every day again.

They are peoplelovers who grow into rock-solid professionals. Their commercial heart beats for you and they will not shy away from any challenge. They like to work, they work hard and they work well. Full of motivation, they go to extremes. For you. Engagement at its best!

Close to who
we work with

A warm and cordial contact. We do not go for less. This is the only way we bring out the best in our candidates And that's the only way we can see what it's really about with our customers.

Our consultants leave the box thinking behind. Step into an AGO office with 100% enthusiasm to get to work. In return you get a dedicated recruiter who will move mountains to get you to that ideal match.

AGO employee AGO employee
AGO employee

Sustaining relationships

A solid partnership is a two-way street that reinforces each other. A quick start? Yes please. But we go for fast and sustainable. Doing better in the long term, that's what we aim for.

You determine the final destination. We do everything in our power to show you the right path. We let you grow along the way. We hold on to you and do not let go. Not even when you have reached your destination. Valuable and sustaining from start to finish.

Doers who
aim further

It is not without reason that AGO is derived from the Latin agere (to do) Don't hesitate. Just do it! We're going straight for our target
This is how we take important steps.

For us, every challenge is the greatest opportunity to show what we have to offer. We go that extra mile, work out of the box and passionately fulfil your greatest wish. We will go far for that wish. Very far. Ain't no mountain high enough.

AGO employee AGO employee