AGO Student

What does AGO Student do?

Do you believe in the future? Do you want to invest in the youth? A hipo (high potential) is what you are looking for!

Every year the Belgian education trains thousands of students to be ready for the labor market. AGO Student will present the best interns, student workers and recent graduates to you. They are optimistic and there is no question about it that this adds value to your company. Youths with a DO-spirit who want to make something of their lives. You can engage them in your company so that they can grow with you and your company.

What does this mean for you? Your choice:

An international database: AGO student has an online database which contains educated and motivated young people in collaboration with the schools and which is updated daily..

Specialists: AGO Student consultants know everything about motivation, they are also DO-people.

Professional service: AGO Student consultants select and recruit especially for you, they run interviews and test the applicants to find the best suitable applicants for you.

Investing in people: AGO Student develops a customized intake and education programme so that the young people can enter your company with no problem. Everyone wins when you invest in people!

AGO e-tool: You choose a transparent service: everything can be followed online: the distribution of your requests, completion of jobs, reporting and billing, AGO Student sees great value in technology: thanks to this tool our service is more transparent, our productivity is high and costs low..

Which profiles?

Are you looking for student workers, interns, recent graduates or juniors for any kind fo industry? AGO Student will help you and will find your jobstarter.


Vlaanderenstraat 95
9000 Gent
T 09 233 49 20

Conservatoriumplein 23B
8500 Kortrijk
T 056 20 62 67