AGO Construct

What does AGO Construct do?

Every Belgian wants to have a place of their own. AGO Construct will help you to find sufficient staff to help you build these. The building industry faces strict regulations where safety is the number one priority. AGO Construct helps you find and select the best suitable construction worker who wears his safety shoes at all times! Thanks to AGO Construct you will not have to worry about your staff and you will be able to face every construction project with ease.

What does this mean for you? Your choice:

A broad database: AGO Construct has an online database which contains educated and motivated applicants with the DO-mentality, with their safety shoes and helmet.

Specialists: AGO Construct knows your industry and the many safety regulations that come with it. Our trained consultants know the construction industry.

Professional service: AGO Construct selects and recruits especially for you, they run interviews and test the applicants to find the best suitable applicant with a SCC-certificate.

Investing in people: If you need specific training to increase the safety at work? AGO Construct will invest in safety with you so everyone wins!

AGO e-tool: You choose for a transparent service: everything can be followed online: the distribution of your requests, completion of jobs, reporting and billing. Ago Customer Finance sees great value in technology: thanks to this tool our service is more transparent, our porductivity is high and costs low.

Which profiles?

AGO Construct devotes itself to all of the profiles in the construction industry. We select and recruit permanent and temporary employees for profiles such as:

Construction: People who repair concrete, roofers, bricklayers, road workers...

Finishing touch: Painters, electricity installers, tillers, kitchen installers, plumbing installers, carpenters, floor layers, plasterer,...