AGO Technics

What does AGO Technics do?

Technicians are dedicated professionals with that specific degree or professional experience that is scarce in the current labor market!

Shortage occupations that you can only fill in with the best fitting applicant. AGO Technics specialty is to search and find educated and experienced employees with a passion for their job which add a value to your company.

Through our close contacts with technical schools we can propose the best applicants to you.

What does this mean for you? Your choice:

Broad network: Based on our national database we select the best suitable technician, chosen by you.

Specialists: AGO Technics knows that your company needs technicians with a passion for their job and we will find them for you!

Customized recruitment: It is important to know where to get the technicians from with today's tight labor market. AGO Technics is the best at positioning your company on the labor market.

Educated staff: AGO Technics testtool and trainings that we elaborate especially for your company.

Transparency: Sustainable service where there is room for consultation and adjustment. A meticulous successin at work to get the best out of everyone.

AGO e-tool: Everything can be followed online: the distribution of your requests, completion of jobs, reporting and billing. Thanks to this tool our service is optimized, our productivity is high and costs low.

Which profiles?

AGO Technics devotes itself to all of the profiles that have a link in your manufacturing process. We select and recruit permanent and temporary employees for profiles such as:

SPECIALISATIONS: Automobile, Energy, 3D Mechanical Design, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Industrial automatism, Logistic, Food, IT, Technical processes, Electricity

PERFORMING TECHNICIANS: Electricians, Welders, Mechanics, Elektro-mechanics, Maintenance-mechanics, Car mechanics, Metalworkers, Rotators, Millers, Plate processors.

SPECIALISED TECHNICIANS: IT people, Engineers, CAD Engineers, Architectural designer, Data Experts, Construction Experts, Technicians, Mechanics, HV AC Engineers, Warehouse managers, Hygiene Managers, Quality managers.