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Lotus Bakeries Lembeke is looking for a machine operator packing line 2 shifts (M/V/X)

Actief sinds: 04-11-2021

Regio: Eeklo - Zelzate

Statuut:Arbeider | 2-ploegenstelsel | Interim met optie vast werk



As soon as our biscuits come out of the oven, it is important that they are packed correctly. We need you for that.

- Packing our biscuits is done with an impressive machine park. Your job is to operate these machines. You start them up, provide the necessary supplies (packaging material), shut down the machine if there is a problem and also help with the conversion if we are going to pack another product on your machine.
- You do not operate such a machine alone, so you work closely with your colleagues and help each other where necessary.
- You keep a close eye on the passing products in terms of quality and take action if something goes wrong. This check is important because it ensures that nothing will go wrong later.
- We attach great importance to hygiene and safety, so monitoring and following the regulations in this regard is also part of your task.


In this position, you work in 2 shifts from 05:00 to 13:00 or 13:00 to 21:00. This is important to know.

- You can work independently and are easily able to organize your own work.
- You are strong in solving problems and can stick to agreements and schedules well.
- You are optimistic and spontaneously take initiative.
- You find order, cleanliness and safety very important, just as we do.
- You like to be active in the workplace and perform manual actions correctly and efficiently.
- We always work in teams, so working together, helping each other and working towards a common goal are qualities that describe you.
- You can independently travel to the site in Lembeke.


  • Je hebt een goede kennis van het Engels
  • Je hebt een goede kennis van het Nederlands


- You receive intensive guidance during your work-in period, so that you can quickly master your tasks.
- You are part of a growing organization with a good collegial working environment and opportunities for further growth.
- You receive a good wage with an attractive shift premium, supplemented with meal vouchers. You may also get a permanent contract in a short time.
- And of course fresh biscuits, every day!


A3/AM, A1, A2, A, B

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